We suggest you get started by making a rough sketch of your existing room.  Be sure to include measurements of existing countertop space, where your sink & appliances are located, window dimensions, and ceiling height.  Also, start a folder with pictures from magazines of things you would like to incorporate into your kitchen. 

     Next, we ask that you bring your sketch & your folder of ideas (if you have one) into our showroom so that our staff can show you the various cabinet and countertop materials that are available along with all the interior cabinet features.  We will also discuss design options for your space and review your budget.  Within a week (at most), our designers will provide you with a drawing along with an estimate.  We do not charge for the initial drawing.  We encourage our customers to use the drawing for comparison purposes as we are confident that we are highly competitive even with the big box stores. 

     Should you decide to take the next step, we then collect a $500 non-refundable design fee and the owner of Advanced Kitchens, Steve, will come to your house to take a look at the job and to take firm measurements and dimensions.  We will then make as many as 4 changes to that initial drawing before we then ask for a second $500 non-refundable design fee.  Please note that the design fees will be applied to the total cost of your kitchen once you move forward. 

     If you would prefer not to take the dimensions yourself and would rather have Steve come out to take a look at the space & measure, he would be happy to do that provided we collect the design fee.

     We welcome your call (860) 875-2230 or email ( with any questions.